December 1st – Part II

Salt to ward off enemies and unclean thoughts. It’s a binding, earthly element, one of the few compounds that cleanse without needing to burn. A white tea candle for purification and peace. Other candles probably can be used but the ones at the restaurant are white and they usually go on tables, so improvisation is key. And, if Aleah looked hard enough, cornmeal, thinly lining the doorway, an offering to the petty resident god whose protection I invoke, though of course nobody looks down at their feet upon entering through a door. That’s just not how people operate. I know. I’ve spent my whole life studying them.

But how many times do people cast a blind eye to a salt shaker and a lit candle? Many, if that’s a surprise, though for me it isn’t. People have the unique ability to see only what they want to see. We turn the other way when we get tired of trying to figure out a puzzle that doesn’t agree with us. Nobody asks why apartment numbers skip around, or why there is never a thirteenth floor, or what that bump in the dark of the night was. They just roll over and fall back asleep.

I was still thinking of Aleah while closing up. Jared heaved the barrel back into the Continue reading December 1st – Part II