December 25th – Christmas Day


In my experience, heartache is a lot like a brutal hangover the day after you get plastered drunk after you find out that the person you like is dating someone else; instead of the pain concentrated around your head though, like a hammer going to town against multiple ice picks sticking out of your head, it feels a lot like you’re being smothered by a boa constrictor, slowly wrapping itself around your torso, crushing your chest square inch by square inch.

That’s how my morning felt. I woke up blind, everything a hazy blur, listening to the rain tapping lightly against the roof of my house. Every bone in my body ached, and I felt as though I could drink the Arctic Sea and still feel dehydrated. I tried to sit up but winced from the sharp, searing pain; if I closed one eye and squinted with the other, I could see my pants and my socks thrown carelessly on top of my shoes at the foot of the staircase, and next to them, Jack’s maroon colored pants. I could feel my shirt and my underwear sticking to me uncomfortably, wet with sweat and hot with the trapped body heat under my blanket.

Apparently, we had set up the pull-out couch in the living room, though I have no memory of this at all; in fact, I barely remember much after running into Noah last night, Continue reading December 25th – Christmas Day


December 24th – Part II


I blinked. After a few seconds, I realized I was staring. ‘Yeah,’ I said, bursting into laughter. ‘Come in.’

Jack nodded, standing smartly over the door entrance and into my living room as I close the door behind him. The girls are so immersed in the television they barely acknowledge the presence of an unfamiliar soul in their space.

I look up at him. He’s always been taller than me by a few inches, and as someone who is just over six feet tall, I rarely have people to look up to. Jack is one of them, though, towering at a whopping six feet five inches tall. He’s darker than I am but not by much, with him being the byproduct of a mixed family; his mother was black and his father was from Slovenia, but he was adopted by an Italian woman who raised him Jewish. Now, there’s a dream or nightmare case to be studied by a psychologist who specializes in Continue reading December 24th – Part II

December 10th


Three of Hearts, a love long lost, three swords stabbing a bright red heart, with dark rain clouds in the background. The Heirophant, Reversed. Bohemian lifestyle, non-conformity, the Pope’s frown now turned upside down, his dark red coat gleaming in disapproval. The Fool, a new journey, the beginnings of an odyssey, Heracles ready for his twelve labors. Jason climbing aboard the Argo. The peasant boy in the card looks sufficiently untested in battle and wit. A white dog is at his feet, egging him on. Toto and Dorothy on the cusp of Oz.

Archetypes. That’s what they are. They’re all archetypes. Thank Joseph Campbell for lampooning that into societal consciousness, though his other ideas are very much so out there, and that’s probably where people should stop giving him credit. There’s always a heartbreak. Always a scorned lover. A knight riding off into battle, a veteran returning from victory. A saddened queen, a vengeful king, a backstabbing page, a wise old man. Archetypes.

I can see why people might mistake this for divination, for fortune telling. I can Continue reading December 10th

December 4th


They’re calling it the storm of the decade. That’s what everyone is calling it. News anchors, weather men in their near twenty-four-hour coverage, the people who are filing into the restaurant right now. Storm of the decade. I can see why, too. Last night at work, me and Jared saw a tree get torn down across the street by the sheer anger of the wind.

‘And people say climate change isn’t a thing,’ said Jared, shaking his head. ’91 two days ago and now it’s hailing. If this keeps up, we’ll have snow for Christmas.’

That wasn’t the only tree felled last night. Apparently, half a dozen cars were destroyed by falling trees and branches. Roofs were caved in. Lawns mauled by hail, streets still currently flooded. The intersection at Pacific Coast Highway has been closed off until they can remove the excess water, though how they’re going to do it is definitely a mystery to me. Continue reading December 4th

December 3rd


If the eighteen different alarms, set by the three different women in this house, and snoozed at five minute intervals, had not awoken me, it certainly would’ve been the angry, howling December wind that lashed out against the four walls holding up our roof. The days of the sun being up bright and early like the rest of the people in this house have been long gone, so it is still dark outside when I finally sit up against the green-brown satin couch in the living room. I can hear the tap running upstairs and some murmuring; Mother and my oldest sister, Percy (Persephone but she hates the link between herself and the Queen of the Underworld, my fickle, stubborn sister, insists) are talking to each other, though the words are inaudible and drowned out by the screeching wind.

Still groggy, I turn on the television, rubbing my eyes to wake up. The seven-o-clock morning news tells me nothing that I don’t already know; meteorologists say that heavy winds are coming in from an arctic storm that originated in Newfoundland, Canada, but had quickly swept through the States and ended up, at last, on the border of the Pacific in Southern California. Expect rain and possibly thunder.

‘They said the same thing yesterday,’ Percy says, walking down the stairs and plopping Continue reading December 3rd